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Our Accommodation.

The accommodation we offer: A very quiet,  traditional, almost secluded location in a hamlet near the town of Lak...
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Plan to take a Holiday in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Take a holiday in Bosnia and Herzegovina and experience somethi...

Activities Close By

Hiking in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Hiking from the Front Door.

For people who like hiking there are great routes for Hiking in Bosnia and Herzegovina for you to try out here. The C...
Horse Riding

Horse Riding Courses

Whether a novice or experienced equestrian there are superb facilities, just a short drive from us, to ride high qua...
Sky Diving

Sky Diving

Sky Diving. Zalužani airfield is just to the North of Banja Luka but before Laktaši and is the home to the Banja ...
Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking in Bosnia There are great Mountain Biking trails for you to enjoy when you come for your holiday in B...

Some Places to Visit

banja luka

Banja Luka.

Banja Luka, is the second largest city in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Traditionally it has been the centre of the Bosanska K...

The River Vrbas.

The Vrbas is a major river with a length of 235 km, in western Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is a tributary of the Sava riv...


Mostar is a city in Bosnia and Herzegovina, formerly one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the country, and today...


Sarajevo The city is historically famous for its traditional cultural and religious diversity, with adherents of Isla...

Culture and Food

balkan music

Balkan Music

Traditional Bosnian and Herzogovinian songs are ganga, rera, and from the Ottoman era the most popular is sevdalinka...
bosnian food

Bosnian Food

Click on the image above to see the gallery. Sample the many delights of Bosnian Food during your holiday with us. ...

Some History

History in Bosnia and Herzegovina is divisive and it depends on who you talk to and their ethnic background as to what e...

Essential Information

car hire

Car Hire

Holiday in Bosnia, Car Hire. We really recommend that you consider hiring a car for the duration of your visit. It give...


Most transactions in Bosnia and Herzegovina are in cash. The local currency is the Bosnian Mark, although Euro no...