For people who like hiking, there are great routes for Hiking for you to try out here.

The Church and River Hike.

A nice 1-2 hour stroll (if you want to just take it easy) to introduce you to the immediate area around our house. Some lovely views of the rolling countryside as well.

“Eagle’s Path” or Orlovacki put. Banja Luka (Republika Srpska)

Story: This trip we made during 50 cm of snow. Very nice 4h long walking route with some nice scenery on the way.

Start of the route is just 2 km far away from the City Center and after one hour of walking it gives you feeling that you might be lost in forest of middle Bosnia.

Enjoy !!!

Photos by Boris Cikic

Tips: Nice path for XC mountain biking, walking during all seasons. Bring water for 4 hours of walking and cycling.

Thanks to Tihomir Dakic 

A Walk Around Banja Luka

A short walk just outside the “front door”

A Short Hike Around the Village for You to Enjoy

Great hiking routes here in northern Bosnia

Village Hike July 2012

Click on the Image above, to see some views from a short hike starting at our front door, on a circular route past the local church.

It takes 1.5 hours.

Hiking in Bosnia and Herzegovina.