Take a holiday in Bosnia and Herzegovina and experience something that you will find hard to beat anywhere else in Europe.

We believe that when coming to Bosnia and Herzegovina, you should be able to enjoy your visit at a slower pace than if you were at a hotel or travelling with a tour company, enabling you to get to know the local culture more and enjoy a more enriching experience.

With most tour groups, even if they say they are flexible, there is still a limit to where you can go and what you can do.
There are no last minute change of plans allowed and you can’t wander off for an hour or two to another town you had hoped to see also.

Normally travelling on your own means you can save the money you would have spent with a tour company but of course that comes with a price- meaning inconvenience, hard work, and discomfort.

holiday in bosnia

We take the strain for you. We will give you that authentic experience you want at an affordable price.

We will provide you with a “bespoke” holiday, a unique holiday.

We have a spacious holiday apartment for you to relax in.

We speak English (mother tongue) and colloquial German.

Come and get off the tourist track and explore one of the last undiscovered countries of South East Europe.

We are also Biker Friendly too.Find out about our daily life on our Vlog.

Experience a holiday like you live there!

Contact us to find out more 🙂

Holiday in Bosnia