18th Century Church near Slatina

Explore local Culture from right outside the font door of you Holiday in Bosnia

Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of the most diverse countries in former Yugoslavia, and you will feel this almost immediately when you visit. With this rich blend of culture and beliefs, you’ll feel steeped in a very old and complex way of life. Enjoy it!

In the countryside in Bosnia and Herzegovina, families usually live in houses of brick, stone, or wood. Countryside homes were traditionally zadrugas, which were made up of several families living on a common land. Families shared the farming responsibilities to lighten the workload of farming a great deal. Today, you will still find a great community atmosphere in small villages and suburban city regions alike.

Family Life in Bosnian Culture

Elders are respected in Bosnian culture and are considered extremely important members of the family. Their opinions and wishes are always handled with the utmost care.

In fact, family life in general may seem more formal, including the relationship between parents and children. Bosnian culture still maintains extended family groups, which means that the grandparents live with their adult children and care for the children while the parents are at work. Godparenting is commonly practiced, and all children are raised with values respecting their older relatives and knowing that they will most likely care for older relatives later on.

Explore Bosnia and its exciting culture from right outside the font door.

The unique wooden 18th Century Church near Slatina.