Travel Advice – Holiday in Bosnia

Safety and Security – Crime

The level of crime is low, and crime against foreigners is particularly low. You should be aware of pickpockets in the tourist and pedestrian areas of Sarajevo and other cities, and on public transport. There have been a number of thefts from ‘locked” compartments on trains. You should ensure that the compartment door is properly locked and that all valuables are placed out of sight or well away from the door. You should also be aware that excessive displays of wealth, including large quantities of cash or jewellery and luxury vehicles can make you a target for opportunist thieves. You should remain vigilant and ensure personal belongings, passports and other travel documents are secure.

All incidents of crime should be reported to the local police station and a report obtained.

Safety and Security – Local Travel

There continues to be a widespread danger of landmines and other unexploded ordnance from the 1992-95 war. Highly populated areas and major routes are now clear of mines and are safe to visit, but you should still take special care when near the former lines of conflict. Although the tarmaced roads themselves may be clear on major routes, there are many landmines close to the edge of roads. You should therefore be careful not to stray from roads and paved areas without an experienced guide. Unless you have an experienced guide, you should also avoid the open countryside and especially avoid destroyed or abandoned buildings, neglected land, un-tarred roads, woods and orchards, private property and abandoned villages. Abandoned buildings, even in the towns or cities may be booby trapped with mines. In case of emergency, call the International Military Police on (0) 33 495000 extension 910.

English is not widely spoken but getting around is not difficult. Local rail, bus and tram services are generally reliable if sometimes slow. Taxis in Sarajevo and the major towns are well-regulated, metered and generally safe to use. It is however, still advisable to look for taxi stands to ensure that you are using an official taxi driver. Taxi drivers from the Republika Srpska might be unwilling to drive to a destination in the Federation, and vice versa.

Travel Advice – Holiday in Bosnia and Herzegovina